Training for Scientits - Key skills training for Academic and Non-Academic staff, PostDocs and PhD students


Key skills for   Academic and Non-Academic staff, PostDocs and PhD students

The research environment is changing:
researchers must multi-task as teachers andadministrators...

For Academic Staff  there is increasingpressure to ensure delivery of excellence in both research andteaching of our undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Initiatives requiring systematic development of key skills for Postdoc   Research Workers and PhDstudents  are welcome, even long overdue, but addfurther to the requirements for focussed trainingprogrammes.

To meet these new challenges we all need to refresh and torenew our skills.

Training For Scientists has a proven recordof relevant training delivery to scientists.
Nearly 20 years experience allows me to understand yourtraining needs.
Contact me now by email  or on0208 123 0099.

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Ever been an Imposter?

Research reveals that a majority of people report thefeeling that at some stage of their career, they have felt likean imposter.

This can particulary affect many genuine high achieversincluding PhD students and women Researchers.

The fear of not being good enough to do the job can lead toreal anxiety.

Our new workshop " ImposterSyndrome Secrets " reveals the tell-tale signs and providespractical solutions for this experience.


Your key staff sometimes need to adapt quickly, to stretch,to master new skills.
Coaching is one process that can give them the edge, to expandtheir comfort zone.

Through coaching, master communication skills, influencing andmotivation.
Use behavioural styles analysis to understand effective teambuilding, deliver feedback and achieve goals.

I work one to one to bring out the best in your most promisingstaff.


Finding the RightTrainers
There are many trainers andmany different training courses.

How do you find people with experience that is specificallyrelevant to the training needs of students and workers in thearea of scientific research?

I have been an active research scientist for the last 20 yearsas a postdoctoral worker in University and Research Instituteenvironments and as a university lecturer and establishedTraining for Scientists to meet the specific training needs Isaw within these organisations.

For more than 15 years I have been managing teams of researchscientists, supervising PhD students, project students andpostdoctoral scientists.

You can be confident that through Training for Scientists wecan deliver training in technical skills, generic skills andpersonal development to your staff and students.

We have developed a varied collection of workshops, including ahighly successful Introduction to Molecular Biology programmeand the popular "Dealing with change - survive & thrive!"workshop.

Please do contact me on 0208123 0099 or by   email.

Dr Margaret Collins
Research Consultant
Professional Coach
& Trainer Photograph : Margaret Collins, senior lecturer, professional coach, graduate of CoachU.

0208 123 0099
PO Box 5157

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